Yoga Teacher trainings with SOUL

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Yoga is the practice of conscious transformation. It is the path of envisioning what we want to be and using yoga practices as a way to get there. The Swara Yoga Academy courses are designed to help us all flow into better versions of ourselves: healthy, clear and truly happy.

We specialize in breath-based and energetic practices, including Pranayama. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings teach the subtle realities that are the essence of not only yoga, but life itself. Our teachings are designed to use the tools of yoga to bring us into a lasting and intuitive wisdom about ourselves and the world around us.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings explore transformative practices which are deeply rooted in the energetic practices of Hatha Yoga, as well as Tantra, Taoism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, modern science and nature-based shamanic lineages. Our teachers are authentic, experienced, compassionate and committed to helping you learn yoga and find your own path and dharma in life. 

Our school also features special advanced courses that will take you to the next level  of knowledge and wisdom.  We believe that these beautiful and transformative practices of Yoga serve as tools which teach us how to flow within the waves of life with grace and strength.



It is our mission to offer classes, workshops and trainings that are authentic and of the very best quality, so that students can grow and flow and become the yogis they want to be. To encourage deeper study, we offer a wide range of advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings. Modules and Workshops.

Our Yoga Teacher Training programs offer a detailed, holistic curriculum, long term study options and ongoing mentorship with our worldwide community of Swara Yoga Teachers.


Open Classes at The Sanctuary Thailand, December - April 2019/20

200 Hour Foundations of Swara Yoga Teacher Training Thailand,

March 1-27th, 2020 

Prana and Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training, Portugal, July 20-30, 2020


200 Hour Foundations of Swara Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

9th August - 4th September 2020