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Upcoming Events
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January 19th - 25th 2020


Chalokolum, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Experience the magic of yoga in Paradise.

A 6 night, 51/2day blissful yoga retreat with Selina Clément and Hayley Lander. 
We have brought this retreat together to nourish your entire being, cultivating balance and harmony for your inner world.  We will share with you our favourite practices for you to take home for your benefit and for the benefit of others. 

Join us on the magical Island of Koh Phangan and learn simple ways to bring more balance into your whole being. Reconnect with your true nature and your inner wisdom, trust in your individual path and find a deeper connection to yourself and to all life around you.

The retreat will be held at the magical Ocean view Retreat on the North side of Koh Phangan at Coral Bay, an idyllic beach with crystal clear water.

Through the week we will explore different types of Yoga and other practices to balance your entire being.

For more info or to book click here 

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May 20th - 24th 2020  


Semione, Switzerland  

A 4 night / 4 day retreat with Hayley Lander & Selina Clement, in ' Casa del Campo' (house of the camp) a beautiful large country home situated in Ticino-the Italian region of the Swiss Alps. Over the long weekend we will bring lots of yoga, qi gong, meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra and much more together into a home life as we live, breathe, eat, practice teogether we will explore our yoga off the mat and how to integrate these practices in the home that we live. Bringing our spiritual practices together so they become our 'life practices'. Join us in this beautiful house and allow us to welcome you home- to your-selves. 

For more info and room/pricing options please email me directly.

July 2020 


Menorca, Spain 

Join Hayley Lander and Ellanah Fawcett on this 5 night stay in 'Casa Mariposa' a luxury villa in the heart of this Spanish paradise isle. 

An intimate journey into holistic living we will explore how we can live our life from a place of greater harmony both within ourselves and in relation to the world around us. This is an invitation to soften the mind and come home to your body, home to your breath and home to your heart.
Whether you have been flowing on your mat for years or are taking your first steps, this retreat will provide a container for you to explore deeper into existing as well as new practises.
Through daily yoga, meditation, mantra, qi gong, sound healing, nature trips and the art of simply being we will begin to nurture and realign our whole system, cultivating balance, coming home to our true nature "Ananda" bliss and peace.
You will leave here not only with another home in the world, but with a deeper sense of the home within, and the tools to keep remembering this place in infinitely beautiful ways.

More details coming soon....