2 or 4 week


Liverpool and Manchester and surrounding areas look what iv got for you:


A Special 'In- Person' Detox Christmas package


Iv put together this health kick programme for your physical and mental health this Winter. 


 As we approach the festivities and time off we can also get excited about our health.

Receive weekly body work in the form of:

Chi Nei Tsang (Thai abdominal Massage)

Kinetic Chain Release ( a protocol of joint mobilisations that benefits the whole body)

and energy work with reiki / pranic healing

Learn Qi Gong ( the interanl process that has external movements)

plus a weekly yoga programme including group and private classes to get you comfortable moving and stretching on the mat long after our programme finishes.


Christmas is a time of indulgence there is nothing wrong with that, but lets allow ourselves to be just as focused on our mental and physical health in this time. Lets apparoach the end of this year with balance, focus and presence. 

I know how easy it is for us to get carried away and come January we are filled with regret..

How about entering 2022 in the best physical and mental shape we can? How about we choose ourselves and our health as our intention this year? Ill do it with you...


4 week programme

375 gbp




2 week programme

222 gbp

Week 1

Yoga private

Kinetic chain release

Chi nei tsang


Week 2

Yoga private or pilates session

Kinetic chain release



Week 3

3 group yoga sessions

Kinetic chain release

Chi Nei Tsang

Qi Gong session


Week 4

1 private yoga or pilates session

Chi Nei Tsang


Yoga Nidra


(If you are only local for 2 weeks but would like the 4 week programme we can do all the body work sessions over those 2 weeks and the other 2 weeks we work remotely with yoga / Pilates and reiki)